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Tuesday, 3 August 2021
Choosing the right hinge

To ensure you comply with the latest UK Construction products directive, all fire doors should be fitted with hinges that are fire rated, which means they need to be CE or UKCA marked.
To achieve FD30 or FD60 and comply with fire test evidence - 2 x 0.8mm hinge pads per hinge. One Intumescent hinge pad to be behind frame hinge leaf and one behind door hinge leaf.
(Specifically for 102x76x3mm Grade13 butt hinges, not all hinge types)

Fire doors are a critical barrier for the spread of fires, and it is essential that the correctly specified ironmongery & intumescent is fitted to comply with manufacturers instructions.

Starting with the door weight, adjustments have to be made based on the following factors:

Wednesday, 16 June 2021
New Deco Lever Handle on Radius Backplate

The popular Deco lever handle has a new family…

Introducing you to the New Radius Back Plate design with Deco Lever Handle.

We introduced you to the new design in the Welling catalogue at the beginning of this year, but we are pleased to inform you it is now in stock and available to order with next day delivery.

The Deco Lever Handle on Radius Back Plate is an appealing set of door handles that look great fitted within both contemporary and traditional settings...

Friday, 4 June 2021
How to measure a Cylinder Lock

Finding the Right Size Cylinder
You don’t need any special tricks or tools to accurately measure a cylinder size, you can do this simply with a metric ruler by taking the existing cylinder out of the door and measuring, this only takes a few moments and gives the most accurate measurement. Some are known to use there expert eye and measuring from the outside face of one backplate to the other but it is not something we would recommend for an accurate measurement.

Measuring from Existing Cylinder
Before you remove the cylinder for an accurate measurement, double check that the existing cylinder does not stick out significantly from the handle backplate. Ideally, it should sit flush or just slightly protruding, ideally no more than 5mm.

Many cylinders are held in place by a Fixing Bolt that is screwed from the door edge through a threaded hole on the side of the cylinder under the cam. 

Friday, 23 April 2021
Bold as BRASS

Introducing you to Brass finished door hardware, as it makes a statement within the interior industry it is ideal for both traditional and modern environments. Over recent years door hardware has developed from contemporary stainless steel through to a modern black finish, but now brass is here, and it is ready to stand out. 

Brass can give a range of finishes from satin to polished and antique to matt giving warmer tones and an added touch of elegance. Interior designers have been featuring brass in kitchens and bathrooms for the last few years, but we have seen an increase in the need for brass toned products over recent months not just for the home but in commercial installations. 


Monday, 1 March 2021
New Tennos Lever Handle

Looking for a new door handle that is ergonomic and stylish in design, competitively priced and available with next day delivery we have just the thing…

Introducing the New Tennos Lever Handle

The Tennos lever handle has been designed with comfort in mind fitting the curve of the user’s hand when operating and having a flat front. Giving an ergonomic function and stylish design finish to the handle in the shape of a ‘D’

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